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Frequently Asked Questions

Will ads need to be reprinted or videos edited?
No, there are many ways to indicate scannable content. You won't need to reprint ads and you won't need a QR code. You might want to think about printing or producing content with a scan prompt for users however this isn't necessary. There are alternative ways to ensure your ads are engaged with.
Will my subscription auto-renew?
Our paid subscriptions will renew automatically. You can cancel subscriptions anytime and continue using the paid package until your subscription ends. Your account will then be automatically switched to our fundamental free package with your content retained.
Is your software 100% accurate?
On occasion the accuracy of the app can fluctuate, this is usually due to the quality of the images uploaded and we can help you with improving the accuracy of your content should you have any issues.
What do you mean by traditional advertising?
Purchit works well on both print advertising and video. Examples include posters, billboards, tv ads, product placements etc. Traditional advertising can be difficult to measure but with Purchit you can identify the effectiveness of your campaigns.

In comparison to digital marketing, traditional marketing can lead to competitors benefiting from your advertising. You can lose sales during the search process. With traditional ads, you risk leading your customers to alternative brands with better search engine optimization. Purchit takes your audience direct to your brand and eliminates this risk.