How Purch It Works

February 10, 2022
How Purch It Works

You may wonder, “What is Purch It?” To put it simply, Purch It is the world's first point & click discovery app where you can connect to brands you love & get rewarded for using our app. With each scan you take, you earn points & you can redeem those points for rewards, enter competitions and much more!

However, we’re about to go into full detail because we’re nice like that. In the future, if you see an ad you like the look of, simply open the Purch It app and click the circle button to scan the item. Once you scan the item, our recognition feature will recognise the item and send you to the website, giving you the option to purchase it... or should we say Purch It.

But it gets better. With each scan, we reward you points, and you can use those points to redeem prizes. What prizes, you ask? We’ve got game boards, Lush products, Disney on Ice tickets, DFDS cruises to Amsterdam, headphones, sweet treats, gift cards, and much more!


Depending on the prize, depends on how many points you need to spend to redeem those items. How do I get points, you ask? You get 100 points when you download the Purch It app & you get 50 points for the first scan you take. To get more points, you need to get involved with our #scanthescene games that we post on our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @wearepurchit.

Scan the scene is a free-to-play game called #scanthescene, where you need to scan any scene from a trailer that we share & sign up using your email address to receive 100 points. Scan the scene occurs every week, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled on our socials so you can start saving up those points!

Still a little confused? Let us break our point system down for you:

More points = more competitions to enter = more chances of winnings!

There are no limitations to the amount of competitions/prize draws you enter; as long as you’ve got the points to enter, that’s all that matters.

The DFDS giveaway is coming this December, just in time for Christmas. You and a friend or a loved one will get an overnight cruise stay from Newcastle to Amsterdam. All you need to do to enter this outstanding prize is save up 150 points; you can redeem those points by downloading our app to receive 100 points and scanning an ad to receive 50 points, therefore giving you 150 points to enter.

Or you could even download our app to redeem 100 points and play one of our scan the scene games! That means you’d have a whopping 200 points, giving you enough to enter the DFDS prize draw, and with those extra 50 points leftover, you could join one of our gift card prize draws, too, as they are 50 points each!

There's an abundance of benefits for using our app, not only getting rewarded but also saving you time. Instead of browsing the internet for a specific product, you can find what you’re looking for in a flash by simply using our scanning feature. Our app is incredibly helpful as it helps you with time management; we can help you find what they’re looking for as quick as a scan with our swift and practical app.

Let’s get real. Do you ever feel tired of spending hours upon hours scavenging the internet looking for a particular item and not finding it? Do you ever walk past an ad and want to buy the item instantly without having to scroll on the website endlessly for that one specific item? We know the feeling. Luckily, with Purch It, we can help with that. Simply scan the product you’re looking for and get instant results with the option to purchase; it’s that simple! We are not only saving you time but you also get rewarded for using our app!

So if you want to be rewarded for using our app, do not hesitate to enter the app store, look for our app “Purch It” to get involved today. You don’t wanna miss out!

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