Bridge the gap
between your content and products.

Discovery, Analytic & Rewards Platform.

The Purch It mobile application enables our users to engage with entertainment content (Via scanning or Database search) speeding up the process of finding product placements, merchandise, or similar products to products highlighted in movies, so users can focus on their day-to-day lives - This is instant gratification we love!

The Purch It CMS is a platform open to brands, businesses, and e-commerce professionals, here they are able to link their products to entertainment content, create that bridge from content to their product, gain analytics, gather data and retarget users who engaged with their content.

In it's simplest term, we're enabling businesses to quantify, qualify and gather data from users who engaged with their product placement or tv advert.

Start integrating your content or your products today!

Our mission

Our mission is to bridge the gap between products, brands, services, and information from traditional advertising media and entertainment content (product placements) to the end-users.

Speeding up the process of finding products from 1st sight whether it's from Entertainment content (shows, movies) to traditional advertising (Billboards, posters, TV advertising), so our users can spend their time doing what truly matters.

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